Tips & Care

Easy Care Instructions:

Light-Bright, but filtered. Grow in the house within 3 feet of a bright window or outside under a tree or a patio cover. Growing under shade cloth works very well. No direct sun in summer, late spring or early fall. The intense UV rays will harm the plants and sunburn them. Direct sun is fine between November and March.

Water-Thoroughly wet your Tillandsia 2-3 times per week; more often in a hot, dry environment, less often in a cool, humid one. Plants should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in no longer than 4 hours after watering.

Temperature–¬† 45-95F ¬†Tillandsia are susceptible to freezing temperatures and should be protected from frost. They will not survive outside unprotected in the Winter in cold temperatures.

Optimal temperature:  50-90 degrees F